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Music Production 101: How To Record Music And More

Starting out with music manufacturing can be frustrating. You could be accustomed to particular aspects, like exactly how to tape-record songs, or mixing and grasping. However, you're probably below since you have some concerns on just how to begin. This article will cover the main principles around…

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Music Promotion and Marketing

Songs advertising spreads your music, grows your fanbase and developments your career.In the past new music advertising was taken care of by market specialists. But now the strength of new music marketing is back inside the camera lighting rental Cameroon artist’s palms.It’s lots…

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Why You Should Never Quit Making Music

Previous calendar year, the songs market investigation agency RIAA made a nifty visual databases that represents music profits trends from 1973 to 2016. Even though electronic distribution as a result of platforms like Spotify and Deezer have established a slight uptick in music product sales and ad…

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How to Set Realistic Goals for Your Music Promotion

On the surface, the goal of your music promotion seems pretty straightforward.

You want to grow your following enough to bring your music to a huge audience.

But treating your biggest goal as the benchmark for success when you’re starting out is a huge mistake.

You’re only setting yourself up for dis…

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How to Promote Your Music: The Essential Guide

Audio advertising spreads your music, grows your African music promotion and marketing Cameroon fanbase and advances your occupation.

Previously new music advertising was taken care of by industry specialists. But today the strength of tunes marketing is back again in the artist’s palms.

It’s many …

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3 ways to use a single to promote your upcoming album release

In now’s songs industry, it’s a lot more crucial than ever to get a method in place before you decide to release your tunes. You don’t want to only place out songs and not using a system; which is even more significant In relation to full album or EP releases.

A lot of artists today only ever …

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BGC Melody Drops Double Jayé Releases to Mark Women's International Day 2021

BGC Melody, Africa's only multinational, multicultural and multi-ethnic record label, went full swing in its celebration of Womanhood this year. The label is marking Women's International Day with the release of two brand new videos by its star female singer, Jayé.

First video is entitled "Respect W…

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Music Marketing and Promotion - What's the Difference?

Exactly what is the distinction between music advertising and audio marketing?

Internet marketing and promotion in many cases are confused amongst indie musicians. You will find there's distinction between music marketing and music promotion. Let us 1st check out advertising and marketing.


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