BGC Melody Drops Double Jayé Releases to Mark Women's International Day 2021

BGC Melody, Africa's only multinational, multicultural and multi-ethnic record label, went full swing in its celebration of Womanhood this year. The label is marking Women's International Day with the release of two brand new videos by its star female singer, Jayé.

First video is entitled "Respect Woman", a direct reference to the theme of the season. Yes. Don't just say it or sing it; actually do it. The video brings to life several images of disrespectful behavior towards our women, our own mothers and sisters, that we're all too familiar with. But the recurring message all through is the triumph of the woman without whom nothing is practically possible in society.

The second video is a triumph of simple, unadulterated country village romance. Two lovers in a remote part of Cameroon just living their love daily without succumbing to the many temptations of the modern era. And at the center of their love, is the power and willingness of the woman to lead and reassure Jayé - CHUBAYO [Official Video] her man once she's given her heart to him. Story told under the title of "Chubayo", an exhortation to dance in the celebration of love, based on well known Bakweri rhythms from the Southwest Region of Cameroon.

But what's even more remarkable about both videos is the fact that, in order to stay true to the theme it's celebrating, BGC Management assigned both video projects to a rising female director known for her strengths in story telling: Lady Director Eposi Josiane. For Lady Director, these were her first projects ever for a major record label, and BGC Melody gave Jayé - Respect Woman [Official Video] her the projects with the faith that she could deliver on time also deliver the best quality.

There's no better way to celebrate a season of empowerment for women than to celebrate with two videos starring one of Cameroon's fastest rising artists, both videos directed by a rising Lady Director. All made possible by BGC Melody.

We keep it up High!

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