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Chief Donald is living the latter years of his lonesome luxury and perfect celibacy. But the peace and quiet in his big mansion is shattered when one young lady, then another, suddenly show up claiming to be his daughters from past relationships he had completely forgotten about. And it won’t

stop there: everyone is now a suspect as ghosts best Drama 2021 from Chief Donald’s adventurous past come to haunt him in the form of children he never knew he had, including some who have been living and working right under his nose, unbeknownst to him. The cultural conflicts and heartbreaking drama resulting from this late discovery of self, and the trauma imposed by DNA tests and struggles for belonging, are only subdued by the hilarious natures of the comic characters who bring the whole story to life.

Get ready for African Family Drama fused with Comedy (“Dramedy”)

- in the upcoming Feature Film #DaughtersofDonald.

Starring : Francis Eche Okoronkwo, Modesta Egbe, Joseph Daniels, Fred Ebere, Amaka Offor, Evan Okoro, Claudia Fonguh and many more.

Executive Producer: Don Julio Bats

Director/Editor: best cameroonian movie Prince Xdon

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